Poem: Meditation on Matthew 25: 31 – 46

Stranger, be not afraid –

come in, come in, the table is laid.

I see thee be weary, please sit yourself down

You are tired, you are thirsty  – come, see now

you can rest from your worries and

your burdens lay down.


Stranger be not afraid –

come in, come in the table is laid

I once too arrived here, a stranger like you

Be assured you can lay all worries down too

Find here a place where from sorrows released

Where indeed you are known, and loved – be at peace

Stranger, stranger

Why do you beg, for some crumb of food,

for these meagre dregs? Stranger, begone

for I shall not share; but in my great mercy

I will at least, leave you alone

to beg on the streets.



Those with most power are not the least

(Though they claim the title –

but God knows, and God see’s)

and though the world tells us – turn the stranger away

God calls you out now: hear God say

When you shared nought with the stranger, you shared nought with me.


Poem: I Dare


When I dare believe that love

Can also be received – or

daring more, can be held and without chains

will not let go;

Or when that reassurance

That with patience doth restore us,

Tender reaches with swift might,

Then all is right, I do not doubt;

And feel do I your arms around me,

once again – and love that binds me

grows the limbs that guard

this sacred, solid ground.

For though so often I am lost

More often still that I am found,

And cherished more for having lost

Yet never losing loves sweet sound.



Poem: Forgive Before Bedtime

There’s no set rules, my Nan would say

– each two make love work their own way

Learning how best to take care of each other

How to respect, love tenderly and nurture;

There’s no set rules, but this she said

That there is one that keeps love best:

Never take an argument to sleep between each other,

Resolve, respect, forgive and live, in love with one another.

I let the worries and the woes, pile up one on the other

I let the distance cloud my mind,

I let fear stalk too close behind,

Oh darling I am sorry that they ruled my heart today.

Forgive me love, and here’s a kiss

Scented sweet for your sleeps bliss

And ever now, as always and before

I love you, and can only love you more.

Poem: Storm, Be Still

The storm in your head

The raging in your heart..

You cried out: get away, get away!


here, here was love dearest

And hope


The storm in my head

The raging in my heart…

  I heard, oh I heard: get away, get away!


here, here is love darling

And hope

And how the storm raged, raged on

And hearts were caged..



weeping, hearing

get away!

get away!

Yet stayed the loved,

And stays

And hopes

Come home

Where peace eases, and heals

Oil poured on troubles

And love is free

Unbound, safe, protected

Free, growing strong


Come home

Poem: Love, For the Giving


For the ones you most love in all of the world,

You would do what needs to be done;

No matter the danger, no matter the cost,

No matter how deep the scars of the battle

the scars left by sacrifice, the scars left by loss

the scars that yet heal when the battle is done.

When the ones you most love in all of the world

Still fight in a battle your heart pleads to end;

No matter how deeply the ache of the burden,

No matter how fear stalks the space of the waiting,

       yet keeping the faith, though so deeply you’re missing

   the ones you most love and so long to be living.

When the ones you most love in all of the world,

Have not yet come home, are not yet at the door

When to wait seems like the most meagre of things

When its seems like a love too piteous to bring

   yet whilst your heart beats you’d you still give it for them

   for the ones you most love, that they might live again.



Seeking Faith (A Poem)


Tonight I am looking for wisdom.

I am looking for God to show me, through Her eyes

For Jesus to teach me

For the Spirit to instruct me

For the word to move me

I am putting away myself

Putting away what I thought I understood

Giving up carefully reasoned responses

Because they have no strength

No resonance

No timbre

Such fragility in the face of this

It cannot withstand

It will be crushed by the onslaught of what comes next

Smothered until suffocated under the weight of that which rushes in

I am seeking faith tonight

That mustard seed which will move the greatest mountain

Heal the vilest disease

Burn fear in the heat of its love

Take life from the corpse of the dead

And joy from the hollowed despair

Hope, resurrection beating it’s wings

Carrying a cross

Turning water into wine

I am seeking God tonight




Wait, wait yet a while..

A reflection on Holy Saturday


Wait, wait yet a while

For though the darkness has it’s troubles spun

And sorrows’ ocean feeds upon your tears

Victory by darkness is not won

But by the Love born to transform your fears.


Joy and hope walk with you through the grief

Whilst anger seeks command upon your soul

But sprung from grace and peace is Love re-newed

Wait, wait yet a while for that joyous morn.

The Richer Thread

My Love and Faith are intertwined
not as a knot
but one combined;

For He is Love and love protects
my cloak, my comforter
my strength;

His strong threads drawn through weave and weft
a richly patterned life
to tread;

Through life, the one strong threaded cord
the silver breath
that holds and stores;

His perfect light that staves the dark
the many coloured threads
of past;

And present! On now – see beyond
the endless cloth we’re
formed along;

His Grace, by spirit, constant grows
and guides each soul
’till safely home;

See how the cloth is grown, and grows:
my Lord, Dear Lord –
I am near to home!

A little something I wrote about 8 years ago, and originally published in www.faithwritersmagazine.com November 2005.