Poem: returning, unleaving

betwixt and between –

that is where I have been,

between the always returning

and the heart that anchored

as it cleaved;



oh love, have i always known you thus?

let it be, let it be

in this heart that bobs along the crest of

coming back, and yet

it never leaves;

oh please, let it be still and calm between

those sturdy lovers arms


Poem: You Are

You are the undiscovered country

I never thought that I would find;

You are the buried treasure, the

Seam of gold they never mined.

You are the catching breath,

The trembling heart that never rests;

You are static electricity, surprising,

Rushing joyously.

But stillness too, and sudden bliss,

Entwined in peaceful, perfect rest;

You are the colours of creation,

You are the curious sensation.

And when the passion calms,

In the well within your arms,

The precious truth still shines bright to see

That loving you is like coming home

to me

Poem: On Being Stubborn

Stubbornly, you have insisted

(whilst you are disguised)

That silence is for comfort

(Please recall, love is not blind)

And love does not demand you speak,

 what you feared must stay disguised

Nor seek to pull a string, or drag you home

 though oft love cries

Oh darling, I am stubborn

But dearest, so are you

For stubbornly you still test love

and wander to, and fro

Oh Gruff, enough, and hear me now

 please let your heart hear this

I love you, I do not doubt you

 It is true

(And I stubbornly insist on this to you).



Poem: bridges

It is not for me to bridge the divide,

Though I give all my soul to the trying;

For all of the hurt that has haunted you,

Taunted you,

Holds you in silence and cages you,

Captures you,

How could I not reach out, dearest

How could I not reach out?


It is not for me to bridge the divide,

Though my soul never ceases to try so;

When the pain that imprisons you,

Taunting and haunting you

Oh, to see you set free and restored in your pride!

How can I not reach out,

Dearest, how can I not reach out?


It is not for me to bridge the divide,

The silence that holds you is yours to break;

But I whisper my prayers, and I reach out,

I reach out,

Never to doubt you, my darling most dearest,

Chérie, de ne jamais douter de vous

How can I not reach out


How can I not reach out?