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Well, I’m a bit of a mixed bag really: Christian Feminist, pro-just about anything that your hard boiled conservative/Conservative would be against (pro-LGBTIQ, pro-choice etc), really really anti anything that takes away a persons humanity, and passionate about justice. I want to love the world as hard as I can, and see life overflowing with all its possibility.

Foundationally, primarily and in all things (and even if I don’t quote scripture) I try to speak my beliefs as my faith has shaped them.  Don’t even get me started on ‘Bible believing’…

So if you’re a liberal whose not prepared to concede you might have some structural racism in you, or a Conservative looking for ‘Bible believing’.. well, this is not the blog you were looking for.

Otherwise – welcome. Feel free to comment, just keep it respectful. I am always happy to engage with opinions other than mine, but you’ll get my ‘Nanny Voice’ if you are rude or disrespectful. For guidance, please see the comments policy.

(Oh, and I know I have a nasty habit of leaving a vital word out of a sentence, or much needed hyphen, full stop or ampersand. My brain writes faster than my hands can think – which translates as ‘my fingers don’t always do what they’re told’! Feel free to come around with a black marker…)




2 thoughts on “About Incarnationalrelational

  1. Hi,I found your blog recently. Big question put really short: how does feminism and Christianity meld? I was raised Catholic, became a born again evangelical, moved across to Anglicanism, came back to Catholicsm and now am not sure where I’m going.All the time I was religious I kept my thinking cap off(well mostly😀)Now I would call myself a feminist who is passionate about social justice.But still the God thing bothers me, nudges me.I’m just not ready to give up on it yet.Guess after making my question long again and reflecting on what I’ve written, my question is, have you any ideas where to go from here?
    Ps when I filled in the bit below it linked to a blog I used to keep, in my Catholic days, sigh.


    • Hi Alison – you have been on a really interesting journey, and I don’t doubt that it will get ever more interesting as you continue to go through life. But I understand that on the surface it seems like there’s a real tension between Christian faith and feminism, and similar questions bugged me for years – but God is about justice, for the sick, the homeless, the hungry, for the marginalised, for the oppressed, for the ‘othered’, for the women. Look at Isaiah 58 v 6-12 for example. And liberation theologians, from Gustavo Guttierrez to James Cone, to Moltmann to Rosemary Ruether could teach you a lot about the suffering God and God’s desire for your liberation now (and not just in the hereafter).

      When I re-read the Gospels, on my own and without being asked to read them through men’s eyes, I was shocked to discover that Jesus not only liked and respected women, but that He expected the women who were his disciples to be capable of everything that his males disciples were. In the context of the culture then, the world in which Jesus was born, his treatment of women was absolutely revolutionary. I am sure you have heard it said of Mary Magdalene that she was the ‘Apostle to the Apostles’: indeed the woman at well in Samaria is the first person who Jesus calls to evangelize. A woman – living in ‘sin’ but good enough in Jesus eyes to spread the Word.

      The real tension is not between faith, belief and feminism – the real tension is between the Church which became a male-dominated Church and feminism. There is no tension at all between Christian faith and feminism/social justice.

      Read a lot (there a loads of amazing feminist, womanist and liberation theologians out there), think a lot and don’t be afraid of a journey that asks lots of questions and sometimes has plenty of doubts. Look up Dianna Anderson, Rachel Held Evans and Wil Gafney maybe.

      And remember – questions and doubts are part of an honest journey of faith and life. God bless 🙂 xx


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