Poem: In The Crook of Faiths Arm

For faith, which gave eyes to see

and gave ears to hearts, long wearied by fear;

For the love, that in blackest of night

never strayed from it’s path and holds faithful the light;

I hold close to it’s nurture and calm

giving thanks for it’s gift, finding peace in its balm:

And dearest to this, most wondrous care

that even apart, we meet in our prayers.


Poem: Anxiety, Another Day

It is the still raw scar upon the skin

constant irritation, ceasless excoriation –

pummeling, eroding from within

tattered doubt in its wake and whim.

Yet I reach out, for the oils promising to sooth

and gingerly, tenderly, applied

or carefully imbibed they oft do;

please, I whisper, please heal soon.