Poem: We Are The Bodies That Tell – a poem for #CripTheVoteUK

We are the bodies that tell

Of the lies to us all you would sell;

We are the price, we are told,

Both hostage and ransom

The flesh and the blood,

Yet silence can never be bought, or be sold.

We are the bodies that speak

No matter how seemingly lowly or weak

you perceive, or have beaten us down to become

Our stories are many

And often unsung

Of our dead, we count and sing out, every one.

We are the bodies that value

What truly cannot be bought;

We are the bodies that love and support,

Creating and giving, reaching

stretching, though never quite meeting the end,

Yet still with the strength to stand up, and defend.

We are the bodies that tell

Of a far better truth than the lie you would sell;

We’re not the blame, or the shame, or the guilty –

We’re the flesh and the blood that pay for austerity,

And we’ll give voice even when we cant sing,

We are the bodies, no matter how broken, that never ever give in.


Poem: You Are

You are the undiscovered country

I never thought that I would find;

You are the buried treasure, the

Seam of gold they never mined.

You are the catching breath,

The trembling heart that never rests;

You are static electricity, surprising,

Rushing joyously.

But stillness too, and sudden bliss,

Entwined in peaceful, perfect rest;

You are the colours of creation,

You are the curious sensation.

And when the passion calms,

In the well within your arms,

The precious truth still shines bright to see

That loving you is like coming home

to me

Poem: Forgive Before Bedtime

There’s no set rules, my Nan would say

– each two make love work their own way

Learning how best to take care of each other

How to respect, love tenderly and nurture;

There’s no set rules, but this she said

That there is one that keeps love best:

Never take an argument to sleep between each other,

Resolve, respect, forgive and live, in love with one another.

I let the worries and the woes, pile up one on the other

I let the distance cloud my mind,

I let fear stalk too close behind,

Oh darling I am sorry that they ruled my heart today.

Forgive me love, and here’s a kiss

Scented sweet for your sleeps bliss

And ever now, as always and before

I love you, and can only love you more.

Poem: On Being Stubborn

Stubbornly, you have insisted

(whilst you are disguised)

That silence is for comfort

(Please recall, love is not blind)

And love does not demand you speak,

 what you feared must stay disguised

Nor seek to pull a string, or drag you home

 though oft love cries

Oh darling, I am stubborn

But dearest, so are you

For stubbornly you still test love

and wander to, and fro

Oh Gruff, enough, and hear me now

 please let your heart hear this

I love you, I do not doubt you

 It is true

(And I stubbornly insist on this to you).



Poem: Mr Gruff

Mr Mystery, do your woes

Call you – still – to test love so,

Or has a nervous worry

made you spiky, porcupine?

Worry not, most dearest heart,

For love remains in tact and true,

And the day is not a bother

When that day is full of you

Oh Mr Gruff, if not today

That I can smile and say your name

Then the day is still to come

And love will wait with open arms.

But whilst those arms are weary

From the troubles I have too,

Please, Gruff, tease me gently

And remember

I love you.


Poem: Mr Mysterious

Carefully and in disguise, you went out to seek, to find

If there might be some love out there

Some love out there for you;

And found, perhaps, to your surprise

That love indeed there was to find,

A love right there, held truly, all for you

But in your heart your sorrows held

And as you wandered to, and fro

You tested love and wandered to, and fro;

Then, carefully disguised once more, you came to find

If that same love still waited there,

and still held true for you;

And found, perhaps, to your surprise

That love held true for you to find,

Though carefully disguised you still remain;

Though careful your disguise, and whilst you tease, at least allow

That love was never blind, it wasn’t then

It isn’t now.

Poem: A Further Question…

So, our bodies

do not work

the way convention says they should;

But, it means

we can explore

the endless ways love can reveal

the different ways to live

the love we are both

truly worth

And if the place

we leave to make

that life of endless exploration

is not the place convention

might demand;

it matters not

when the place of destination

is still – naturally –

the love and joy

we are both worth

Poem: A Question…

You want to give;

To make the world a better place

For those you love –

You want to give,

But worry in yourself

If you are enough.

And you think;

Oh, how you think!

About the life

You want to give

To make a better place to live

in love;

But worry in yourself

If you could ever be enough.

I think, too;

Of all I want to give

To make the world a place

Where you can live,

In love.

But worry in myself

If I could ever be enough;

When we do not doubt

each other

Why do we doubt


Why let that doubt rob us

of all the love

we are

both worth?

Poem: Oh, Porcupine..

No wounds, no tears of sacred grief

No scars, no fears, no jowly cheeks;

No green cigarettes when roses are scarce,

Nor trouble of body, no worry or care;

No doubt of self or anxious mind

Could chase me away from you, or

Cause me to doubt, it’s true

If you were here now

it would always be so,

There is only my heart

full of love to say this;

If you were here now

It would ever be so,

I promise, I promise

I promise you this.