Poem: Some Nights – Shakespeare…

There were nights, days when

I had to reach for a sonnet,

written long since;

Some Shakespeare verse or two,

A Barratt-Browning, perhaps

when mine own

Words were so very few,

or tired a little,

of the lonliness.

How do I love thee, let me

count the reasons, dozens

Like dazzling stars,

Glinting brightly against the night

sky, deep and still

waiting for morning,

for sunrise

for daybreak.

Some nights like Alice I fell

into some surreal place,

your smile, like

A Cheshire cat, dazzling bright

whilst from my vision

you fade

  from view


For as a poet sees, a poet

dreams upon a canvas

waiting to be

Painted with a cottage, door ajar

the smell of fresh baked

bread, sensuous warmth

calling you