Poem: The Precious Beat

Such a shock to see a parents heart so fully grown,

And yet to see it standing all alone,

Trying to hide itself away

As if afraid to feel;

A fathers heart so full of love it would release,

Its last earthly, fleshy, sorrowful beat,

To save what it so loved,

From such an end;

To see a heart to such a burden marry,

When all it gave was all the love

That it could ever carry,

And never bend;

It is not punishment that you have borne

But wounds, cut more deeply,

Than ones to the flesh,

And leave such scars;

And in that heart I cannot ever doubt dear,

Nor hesitate to trust when you are near.

Nor cease to see in you

The parents heart;

That tenderness, that gentleness,

The passion true,

The glorious beat of love

You gave him too.