Poem: Body Imperfect, Love Divine

I originally wrote this poem in July of 2005 under the title ‘Beautiful’.

That countenance so fair, the eyes so bright,
– Please have a care,
Do not use your beauty absently,
To taunt my heart, to cruelly tease;
For I am nothing much, my heart is heavy
With this woe;
Don’t smile at me like that,
For fear you see, or learn to know;

How wonderful your sight can be to me
– How can I tell?
That all it takes is one brief smile,
For dreams to seek your scent, your smell;
Oh! still you smile and draw so close,
– What if you see?
My little dreams and foolish hope,
Yet still you bring your presence close;

My heart is in my mouth, how can this be?
– Your hand is reaching
Seeking me, your arms are drawing me to thee
What in this sorry frame you say need?
And again so patiently, you talk of loving endlessly
– Yet I am meek
Like wisp or waif, and pitiful I am, and weak
But my resistance melts and floats away;

And yet you stay and stand there hushing fears
– Your soothing tones
That seeks to heal and dry all tears,
As steadfast now you take me to your own,
Oh how my beauty ever seems to know,
And heals this heart!
With light that shines so brightly in the dark
– Now never can I leave my love alone.