Poem: To Call You Home

If I could only call you home,

From the shadows where you hide,

Where you try to bury feeling,

That pulsates with sacred life;

If you could take my hands,

And let them catch your tears,

They would take only your smile,

To chase away the shadowed fears;

If I could only call you home,

From the silent place you keep me,

If I could only sing the blues,

Where you would hear, and feel it sweetly;

If I could heal all ailments,

All the healing would be yours,

And though my frame be meagre,

It would give you all the world;

For the shadows cast by doubt,

Cannot keep my heart from love,

Nor shade mine eye, nor loose my faith,

Nor leave your side, nor turn to hate;

It is not for handsome faces,

That I could give so much

And though the frame is fine,

That would never be enough;

But for what you hide in shadow,

For the honour, for your truth –

I would dare to call you home,

And home to me you’d come.