Seeking Faith (A Poem)


Tonight I am looking for wisdom.

I am looking for God to show me, through Her eyes

For Jesus to teach me

For the Spirit to instruct me

For the word to move me

I am putting away myself

Putting away what I thought I understood

Giving up carefully reasoned responses

Because they have no strength

No resonance

No timbre

Such fragility in the face of this

It cannot withstand

It will be crushed by the onslaught of what comes next

Smothered until suffocated under the weight of that which rushes in

I am seeking faith tonight

That mustard seed which will move the greatest mountain

Heal the vilest disease

Burn fear in the heat of its love

Take life from the corpse of the dead

And joy from the hollowed despair

Hope, resurrection beating it’s wings

Carrying a cross

Turning water into wine

I am seeking God tonight