Sometimes I Am Rage, Sometimes I Am Grace 2: Faith, Hope and @BoxerGifts Rape ASBO’s

(This dude is apparently a journalist…a man who clearly knows how to do better feminism whilst at the same time trashing the woman…)

Because a woman speaks and therefore ‘shut-the-fuck-up’ is the knee jerk response…

And then of course there are the comments left by ‘Dawn-possibly-Thomas’… and although I deleted them immediately, there were a few rather more traditional ‘calling a woman cunt/bitch/whore’ comments (although they did at least call me a Christian cunt/bitch/whore, so I suppose I should be flattered that they recognised me as a woman of faith).

It occurred to me quite quickly that if these fake ASBO’s were truly harmless; if they weren’t in fact products of a mind which can make light of, excuse and joke about rape; if they really were just some silly thing over which I were wasting my time..

Why go to all the trouble of trying to shut me up? Why put me down, why patronise and belittle me? 

Now, I know that as far as actual abuse online goes, the above is nothing: I may be a woman, but I am protected by my cis-gender and my whiteness, and what I have experienced is nothing compared to many cis and trans*gender women of colour.

Nevertheless it is interesting to me the efforts these men will make to shut a woman up for something over which I am – apparently – wasting my time.

The petition – because even if Boxer Gifts/Silly Prezzies/’Dawn-possibly-Thomas’ doesn’t withdraw that bloody ASBO from sale, I’m not going to shut up. Not now. Not ever.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes I Am Rage, Sometimes I Am Grace 2: Faith, Hope and @BoxerGifts Rape ASBO’s

  1. Since when did ‘calm the fuck down’ become ‘shut the fuck up’ please remove this from your blog!! as your all knowing, you will know i asked you to do this a couple of days ago!!!


    • Couple of things: Yes, what you said was exactly the same thing as ‘shut up’ (because intent is not magical and impact is what counts); yes, you really were being just as sexist as it looks like, and no, there is nothing I can do about that.

      This is my blog – I have chosen to write about the various sexist and misogynistic reactions I have received for something which, I have continuously been told, was a ‘harmless’ product to which I was ‘over-reacting’. The virulence of the reactions would suggest that this is not the case. Your tweet to me would still exist, even if I removed it from my blog. Pro tip: defamation of character consists of lying about what someone has said or done: I have simply commented on something which you tweeted to me.

      Perhaps you need to calm down, and go watch The Inbetweeners.

      Thank you for your return visit to my blog. Please don’t hesitate to stay away.


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