@BoxerGifts and The Ongoing Saga: The Complaint Letter

So if you have been following the saga of the comments which appeared on my blog post, a bit of an update. Thanks to the assistance of the lovely Kate, my suspicions that the commenter was an employee of Boxer Gifts were pretty well confirmed. Kate discovered that the company ‘sillyprezzies.com’ shared the same postal address and fax number as Boxer Gifts.  Armed with this knowledge, I called sillyprezzies.com and spoke to a nice lady who confirmed the connection between the two companies. I also established that they sell that appalling fake ASBO too.

I advised her that I needed to make a complaint about a member of staff (I didn’t elucidate) and asked who I should contact. I was given a name and advised that their man was in a meeting (probably ‘for at least 3 hours’) so I requested, and was given, an email address. The email has now been sent, the transcript for which I helpfully provide. I will, of course, keep you updated…


Dear Thomas

Your name has been given to me as the person to contact with regard to a complaint which I have about a member of your team.
Let me first establish some details and then I will discuss the questions that I have in relation to this complaint, which I hope can be resolved quickly and amicably. 
You will – I am sure – be aware of the concerns raised on Twitter since last week in relation to one of your products: specifically the fake ASBO ‘Failing To Give Sex On Demand’, a product also available with you affiliate or sister company ‘sillyprezzies.com’.
I will not, at this point, discuss the many valid reasons why so many people have tweeted your company to voice their concerns and anger about this product;nor will I discuss (for now) the very poor response from your Twitter account on Friday.  For the purposes of this complaint both of those issues will be kept separate as I want to address the response that I personally received via my blog. 
As you may also be aware, the poor response via your Twitter account (and your decision to delete all facebook comments) triggered some very real concerns about how you received the comments and many people – including myself – were unhappy with this. The web form enquiry I sent you remains unanswered, and I took to my blog, but also created a petition on Change.org to which people are now adding their names. 
On Saturday afternoon, I received the first of 4 comments on my blog from what I now understand to be one of your employees, although in what capacity this person is employed by yourself I am unclear since the rudeness, abelism and belittling were really quite astonishing. Please find attached a word document recording the 3 comments. I will discuss each individually in a moment.
However, first of all, I have some questions:
1. Was this employee contacting me at the behest of Boxer Gifts and sillyprezzies.com?
2. If so, my complaint is with the Director or owner of the company. To whom should I forward my complaint?
2a. If this employee was sent at the behest of the company, why was this considered the best response to the situation? It strikes me that the first comment was meant to seem as though it was coming from just another member of the public. I would consider this behaviour sneaky if someone their authorised it. 
3. If they were not contacting me at the companies behest, do you consider the attitude displayed – and language used – reasonable?
4. What action will you be taking with respect to these comments? 
With regard to the first comment, (you can view this on my blog, which I have linked to on my signature line), I was ironically amused the use of the phrase ”humourless frumps’. I hope I do not have to elucidate as to why there was really no need for that. Whether or not I ‘give feminists a bad name’ (also an entirely unnecessary personal comment ), treating people (including a great many men) who have voiced issues with the product in such a manner  was very bad judgement – at best.
Whilst 3 of 4 comment have been published on my blog, I have witheld the second comment received (viewable on the document attached). Escalating the tone of comments quite so quickly to what I would regard as nothing less than bitter vitriol was really quite staggering. No, those of us who have stated our unhappiness with the product in question are not [redacted] or [redacted]. Perhaps you would like me to also discuss – at length – the staggering abelism portrayed in the attitude and language? (It remains the reason why I have not yet allowed the comment to appear publicly). 
The last two comments were ridiculous, and just a little petty. They were clearly personal in tone, and were incredibly unprofessional as it had been established by then the person was from your company.  And I am not entirely convinced that the author of the comments was using their own name and work email. Perhaps you could also advise with regard to that?
If you could address all of the above issues for me this week, I would be very grateful – I think 3 working days would be a reasonable time to wait. Shall we say a response by
Thursday afternoon? 
Kind Regards
UPDATE: Well, if you thought that dreadful response on twitter last Friday was bad, our man Thomas here just plumbed the depths in his responses to me by email. I kid you not, it’s bad; jaws-agape bad. When it comes to public relations, our man Thomas is clearly aiming for a ‘Buzzfeed’ style run down of dreadful company email responses. He’s aiming right for the gold standard in fact. So here are the responses, along with mine, in order:
@ 15:49pm 22.09.2014
Please confirm your order number or recent purchaseThomas
I point out that I don’t have one. Does he need some assistance with clarifying the reasons for the complaint?
@ 16:07pm 22.09.2015

Then thanks for your feedback it has been noted.


Well, I look forward to your full response, yes?

@ 16:18pm 22.09.2015

I’m afraid not. As I’m sure you would agree internal matters are not for discussion.

Please get in contact should you have further interest or another issue with an order you have placed.


No. Someone from your company came on to my blog remember? Please deal with my complaint – you know, in a professional and amicable manner…

@ 16:40pm 22.09.2014


Oh, well, I guess we have at least had a more honest response now. Tell me Thomas, (whom I am now beginning to suspect is behind both the twitter responses and the comments on my blog) – whose your boss?

@ 16:46pm 22.09.2014

The good lord and the bank. Thanks for you feedback. We will cease communications with you now.

Thanks for your interest in Boxer Gifts please shop again soon.


No, I think not.

Anyways, I plan on an evening of other things. And whilst I am happy to cease all communications with you Thomas,  there is a product you are selling which is vile, and disgusting and gives rapists something to laugh at.

2 thoughts on “@BoxerGifts and The Ongoing Saga: The Complaint Letter

  1. Thanks for sharing this, hard to believe their response could get worse than it already was.
    Would it be possible to edit your italicised email complaint part at all, putting some double spaces in? It’s a bit of a hard-to-read-text-wall at the moment; perhaps it’s my browser, but if you could space it out that’d be great, thanks!
    Look forward to hearing if any more comes of this…


    • Hi

      Yeah, I’ve tried – when I get it up on the edit screen it’s all nice and double spaced: and then it’s not, which for some reason happens occasionally and I’ve never quite figured out why. It’s probably me: technologically speaking, I’d be marked down as ‘could do better’. 🙂

      And yes, I was amazed at the downward spiral the response took. I think our man Thomas is hoping that it will simply go away (although coming on to my blog with such stupid and personal comments hardly helped that!). Thank you 🙂


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