Twitter Death Threats are Tasteful and Decent

Okay, so this is shit. I mean seriously – what the hell? How come some women like Caroline Criado-Perez actually have the people who threaten them taken to court but Sam Ambreen gets nothing? Of course this is about race. Solidarity x

Left at the Lights

Kill all men. 3 words that erased all the times I was raped, sexually assaulted and beaten by men. These 3 words justify the death threats against me. In saying these words, I have confirmed that I am just as bad as the entitled men and any report I make of abusive behaviour against me is invalid.

I have just finished speaking to the police who called to update me with regards numerous threats to kill and the reams of racist abuse I have been subjected to on Twitter. They advised that Twitter, being based in California refuse to provide British law enforcement officers with any information even in cases where there are threats to kill because their laws around taste and decency differ from ours. Apparently they only concede for serious crimes like murder (not threats to murder).

I want to know how the Metropolitan police were able to investigate…

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