Writing the Body: Stories of sex and gender

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Spider Circus (and other stories)

Content warning: Cissexism and bioessentialism


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Once again, there are plenty of people who’ve written about this before me, from their own lived experience or from another position of greater knowledge. Please check their work out and don’t just take my word for things!

The Biggest Gamete as Troll-Bait

Bilaterally Gyandromorphic Chickens, and Why I’m Not “Scientifically” Male

13 Myths and Misconceptions about Trans Women: Part One

13 Myths and Misconceptions about Trans Women: Part Two

Un-gendering Sex: A feminist project?

Biological Essentialism: Can We Not?

Biology is not destiny. When I was first becoming interested in feminism, this was one of the truths that seemed to be self-evident. No-one – man, woman, or any other gender – should be socially limited, or classified, by what their body could or couldn’t do, by how their physical form was constructed.

I still hold to this. I thought all feminists…

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